Tailored Tax & Accounting

Digits’ vision is to turn your tax and accounting chores into a beautiful and meaningful experience that speaks your language. We want to inspire you to focus on your finances and to support you in cultivating your craft.


Hi, I’m Hanneke Barlow

Accountant, educator




As a closet creative herself, Hanneke noticed the power of

creative mediums to make an otherwise mundane subject

somewhat more approachable.


Creative Entrepreneur’s Guide To Tax Deductions

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We pull out all the stops to make this rather boring subject a stimulating and creative one that will leave you inspired – ready to master your finances and get your business blooming.

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Digits with Hanneke Barlow

Comprehensive bookkeeping, accounting and tax packages are available to clients from all over the world.

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DIY Bookkeeping Courses

For individuals starting out, or wanting to figure this out themselves, a comprehensive bookkeeping and tax master class is presented across all major cities in South Africa. The aim is to provide you with every last piece of information you would need to Balance Your Own Books.

Graduates are invited to a private support group where reminders of major tax deadlines and scheduled ‘tax parties’ ensure you’re ready to roll on your own with a gentle hand guiding the way.

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And if you haven't already, DO checkout our Instagram account, we certainly raised eyebrows when we set out to use a creative's space to feature the supposedly boring subject of tax and accounting & we turned those same frowning faces into jaw droppers... ;) never say never, right!