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The creative entrepreneur’s comprehensive guide to accounting and tax


Bolstered by her love of teaching, Digits founder Hanneke Barlow saw a profound need in the entrepreneurial space for new business owners to feel more confident when it comes to their company’s finances.

Imagine having the confidence, tools and tips to be in full control!

Do you hear the words ‘tax’ or ‘accounting’ and want to dig your head in the sand?


Look tax and accounting straight in the eyes, poker-faced

I proudly get to pass on my knowledge – my intellectual property

 – to you. 

My goal? 

To empower you, a small business owner, to stand tall and feel confident about your business finances



Balance Your Own Books


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08:30 Arrival and breakfast canapés


Setting up & customising cloud-based accounting software 

Personalised income + expenses blueprint

Automated products + services listings

Produce a tip-top invoicing process

Matching payments received + categorising money spent

Accounting for personal transactions



12:30 Lunch


Sole Proprietors vs Companies

Tax deductions

Independent Contractors


Provisional Tax

Income Tax

Turnover Tax

SARS E-filing

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16:00 Cake & Champagne Sunset Mingle

A comprehensive guide to accounting & tax

Screen Shots with step by step instructions to manage SARS E-filingIncome Statement Spreadsheet

Depreciation on assets tax deduction calculator

Home office tax deduction calculator

Simple Balance Sheet Spreadsheet

Invoice Schedule

Budget template


Who is presenting & when is the next class?

Hanneke Barlow, proud owner of Digits, a bespoke practice providing tailored tax and accounting services.

An accountant by trade, Hanneke Barlow also knows what it means to be a creative entrepreneur.




4 November 2019

Digits started as a humble freelance service, but has since exploded into a trend-setting service provider that offers tailored tax and accounting services to creative entrepreneurs.

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What is included?

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Full day class

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Balance Your Own Books Guide

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Spreadsheets & Guides

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Meals & Refreshments

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Cake & champagne sunset mingle

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Ongoing support in private group

"The most meaningful training an entrepreneur can attend! Hanneke's Balance Your Own Books workshop was made so relatable and easy to navigate a somewhat daunting and overwhelming subject such as bookkeeping and accounting. She shared many of her interesting life experiences and knowledge so we could better understand how to manage and balance our own business books going forward."

— Heather Boting


Full day class

Breakfast canapés, lunch & cake and champagne sunset mingle

Every piece of theory, practical guide and step-by-step instructions to empower and enable you to master your own finances

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Cape Town

Ticket Sales Close 25 October 2019

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Who is Hanneke Barlow?

Hanneke marched out of a corporate job, black leather uppers in hand and decided that there had to be more to life.

With only enough in savings to cover one month to ‘make it work’ on her own.

Everyone was hesitant. Why would you trade security for anything in this world? Well, easily. Without breaking free from the downward spiral stealing your joy, you can never soar! Of course you have to have some sort of plan and most importantly, you must be willing to put yourself out there. You know that dream where suddenly you’re exposed and have nowhere to hide? Yip, that’s close to the feeling you’ll have when you put yourself out into the world, holding your breath while sounding as confident as you can. 

What will they think? Will they think the price is too high? Will they laugh because I don’t have a series of doctorate degrees on the subject? Will they just laugh in my face because what makes me so special?

Darling, I’m here to tell you we’re all the same.

Every Insta famous creative who rocked up at my door had their own story of trials and tribulations.

Not even one came knocking with it all figured out.

I would look at their perfect squares and exquisite work and was gob smacked that even the brilliant ones were considering closing up shop because the pressure is so real & the money is never enough.

I want to take your hands in mine, give you a cup of tea, light a soy candle and tell you I have some answers.



How much access do I get to Hanneke?

Hanneke will be around to answer questions during the day and will be answering questions on the private Facebook group after

What is the investment in the class?

The class costs R5,500

When is Balance Your Own Books?

Johannesburg 20 September 2019 (SOLD OUT)

Cape Town 04 November 2019 (Selling until 25 October)

I seriously know nothing about the topic, can I still come?

Yes, this class is aimed at all levels and even the most basic understanding of rands and cents will be managed in the curriculum

What should I bring?

A laptop is the only necessity for the day. If there is any special item which would make you more comfortable on the day, please feel free to bring it along!

Have more questions?


Cape Town Ticket sales close 25 October or when tickets sell out, whichever comes first


Interested in a one-on-one session?

Can’t make a group session or prefer a one-on-one approach? Contact Hanneke Barlow for availability and pricing.

Follow our journey.

Instagram is kinda our thing, we converted sceptical frowns into jaw droppers when a creative space was used as an accounting & tax platform… ;) Check it out and let me know what you think? Never say never, right?