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Why Hanneke?

Hanneke is the proud owner and founder of Digits, a bespoke practice providing tailored bookkeeping and accounting services to creative professionals.


Digits was born out of founder Hanneke Barlow’s desire to merge her love for numbers with an intrinsic need to operate creatively.

As a closet creative herself, Hanneke noticed the power of creative mediums to make an otherwise mundane subject somewhat more approachable.

Digits’ vision is to turn your bookkeeping & accounting chores into a beautiful and meaningful experience that speaks your language. We want to inspire you to focus on your finances and to support you in cultivating your craft.

We pull out all the stops to make this rather boring subject a stimulating and creative one that will leave you inspired – ready to master your finances and get your business blooming.

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Welcome, you’ve found the right nook!

In our endeavour to tackle the common fears of creatives head on, we ensure that you know exactly what is expected of you, and will teach you how to produce the necessary output required to comply with the rules of tax law.

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Comprehensive Packages

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You handle your client invoices, quotes & payment follow up processes

We reconcile 20 bank transactions per month on a quarterly basis

Quarterly update of your entire accounting profile and reconciling of all your accounts

Quarterly financial performance report

Basic financial statements annually 

All your income and provisional tax returns

30 minutes email or telephone support quarterly

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You handle your client invoices, quotes & payment follow up processes

We enter up to 5 supplier bills per month

We reconcile 20 bank transactions per month

Monthly update of your entire accounting profile and reconciling of all your accounts limited to the number of transactions mentioned

Monthly financial performance report

Basic financial statements annually

All your income and provisional tax returns

30 minutes email or telephone support monthly

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Send up to 5 client invoices on your behalf, once per month

Enter up to 5 supplier bills per month, once a month

Reconciliation of 20 bank transactions for the month, once a month

Monthly financial performance report

Basic financial statements annually

All your income and provisional tax returns

* Upgrade to accounting for VAT at an additional fee of R1,500 per month

Add ons & extras

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Financial assistance & guidance charged at R1,350 per hour

Bank transactions in addition to mentioned limits charged in heaps of 10’s costing R750 per additional set

Additional client invoices or supplier bills charged in sets of 5 at R750 per set

Managing of your accounts@ email account per hour charged at R750 per hour

Additional email and telephone support charged at R350 per 15 minute increment


New Client On-Boarding Fee R1,320

Processing and reconciliation of all bank account transactions R1,000 per every 10 transactions

Client invoices or supplier bills charged in sets of 5 at R750 per set

Meetings charged for at R1,500 per hour

Starting out Solutions

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If you've been juggling the bookkeeping hat without professional guidance this is a great place to start

The Bookkeeping Audit involves:

An offline, full day, in-depth analysis of your existing bookkeeping setup;

A comprehensive report pointing out areas to fix, amendments to make and general guidance to get your bookkeeping blooming;

Tweaking your setup to account for your specific revenue streams, transforming expenses to be representative of your specific profile;

One hour walk through of your entire profile, answering every question you have to ensure you're setup for ultimate success;

Advise on what you are missing out on, how to take full advantage of tax deductible expenses and not miss a thing




Feeling out of your depth and need some real time answers to all of your bookkeeping questions?  

Book an hour long Q&A call and let me put a decade's worth of experience to use answering every question you could possibly have.

Is the vocabulary taxing?



The activity of recording business income and expenses with the purpose of arriving at a fancy thing called a profit.

Why do we need to know what our profit is? Well that is the number the tax man needs to take their cut called tax.

(Hold your breath) bookkeeping also involves accounting for assets, writing off depreciation and accurately reflecting equity and liabilities (that’s where I come in).


Bank Account Transactions

Everything that happens in your business bank account (yes, you should have a business bank account and move away from your personal account if you haven’t done so already) must now be accounted for.

The money received from clients gets matched to the invoices you issued to them.

The money you paid to suppliers gets matched against the bills you loaded for purchases you’ve made.

All other transactions that went out your bank account gets reconciled to their respective categories (called ledger accounts) for instance bank charges and interest received.

This is done by connecting your bank to your accounting platform which pulls your bank transactions in automatically, ready to be reconciled. Or it means manually converting your bank statement to a format that can be uploaded to your platform should you wish not to connect your bank account directly.

Client Quotes

A quote is the document you send your client with your proposed fees and estimations of all the prices involved in providing them with a service.

A quote can then be accepted or declined by a client.

The potential revenue within your quote does not affect your financials yet, meaning it is not recorded as income until such time as it is accepted and converted into an invoice, then only it is officially revenue in your business’s books.


Bank Reconciliation

Once all your bank account’s transactions have been categorised, we compare your actual bank balance to that of what is shown in your accounting platform to ensure they match.

If they match it serves as confirmation that you have not missed a transaction or accounted for anything more than once.

If it does not match that means there is a mistake somewhere and each transaction since your bank account last matched, is scrutinised to find the error.

Client Invoices

Once a quote has been accepted by a client, it needs to be converted to an invoice. An invoice is a final reflection of what your client owes you for the agreed upon product or service.

Accepted quotes must always be converted to an invoice, this is the only way that the revenue is officially accounted for in your books.

Be sure to file all the invoices you send to clients in a space where you can access it at all times, think Google Drive or Dropbox.


Update & Reconciling of your Accounts

This relates to everything that has been mentioned, creating customer invoices in your platform if you are doing them manually somewhere else; bringing in your supplier invoices; importing and reconciling your bank account; doing a bank reconciliation; running depreciation on all of your assets; providing for expenses that have accrued but not yet paid and any other month end or year end close off journals.

Supplier Invoices

When you purchase anything for your business, the person or business you purchased something from must give you their invoice.

This invoice can then be loaded onto your accounting platform where you record what the purchase was for.

Modern accounting platforms allow you to also upload this invoice that you received from your supplier to ensure you have an easy way of accessing it should you ever need to refer back to it. Be sure to also save a copy in a folder that you own should you ever decide to close down your online accounting platform.

Financial Performance Report

This is a look at all the reports once all the processing within your platform is completed.

We look at your income statement (or otherwise known as profit and loss) to see what income and expenses you’ve had as well as what profit you’ve made and based on that how much you should be saving for tax.

We look at your balance sheet to have an overall look at the value of your assets (equipment, properties, motor vehicles and other assets). Also the value of your liabilities (moneys owed to third parties) and lastly at the value of your equity which in an entrepreneur’s life usually refers to the accumulated profits of the business less the money you’ve drawn out for yourself.

Financial Statements

This is a profit and loss as well as balance sheet which is finalised annually.



VAT is a tax that you are not automatically registered for. Once you’ve reached the requirements to register for VAT, processing of your accounts are a little more complicated in that the percentage VAT charged to clients as well as VAT paid to suppliers must be reconciled to pay over the balance to the authorities.



Tax depends heavily on the country where you are paying tax.

Your tax accountant will discuss your tax profile with you personally.



This is a formal method of paying yourself a salary which is then an official expense in your business, lowering your profits.

The alternative is drawing money from your business through the balance sheet, an account called owners drawings, and paying tax on that at different intervals.

Best to discuss this with your tax accountant as each person’s situation is unique.

How it works

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We pull out all the stops to make this rather boring subject a stimulating and creative one that will leave you inspired – ready to master your finances and get your business blooming

Monthly, comprehensive packages:

Invoice & Payment

You will be quoted based on your specific requirements, and once accepted, your quote will be converted to an invoice which you will receive monthly in advance and payment will happen via an automatic subscription in on the 1st of every month.

Bookkeeping tasks

Once a specific period has come to a close, expect an email from me requesting you to upload your bank statement, customer invoices and any other related documents.  I need this in order to do the processing and reconciliation of your accounts.  This information is due within a week of requesting it. A clarity call will follow to discuss the transactions you have submitted to ensure we’re on exactly the same page before rounding off your accounts for the period. 30 days is spent finalising every client’s accounts after which you receive your financial update report.

Client portal

You will receive an email giving you access to your client portal on Dubsado. Have a look around when you have a chance, everything I send you will be stored there if you need to gain quick access to any of the forms or information I have requested from you. Have a look at the jobs listed in there, it serves as a guide to what work will go into your tailored tax and accounting package during the financial year.

Financial statements

Then once the financial year has closed I will finalise your financial statements which I will discuss with you in an additional meeting.

Income Tax

Income tax season for the year that ends February 2020 only opens in July 2020. Once open, I will send you a personal income tax questionnaire and from there I will finalise your income tax return.

Provisional Tax

Every six months, once in August and once in February, it is provisional tax season. I will do your calculations and have them approved by you before submitting them to SARS.

Have a backlog of work in need of catching up?

No problem, this is where most entrepreneur’s are at when they contact us.

Once we’ve connected you would need to send your backlog bank and credit card statements relating to your business as well as a schedule of all your client invoices to date. We will get the transactions up to date in bulk.

If you’ve signed up for a monthly package going forward, substantial discount is given to reduce the accounting fees for the backlog work. Deep breath, starting somewhere is where everyone starts!

Get in touch to schedule a free call to discuss your specific requirements

Thank you for placing your trust in me! I take great pride in the clients I serve and will do everything I can to exceed your expectations.

Let’s get this party started!

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Don’t be a number on a big firm’s list. Join the world of tailored tax and accounting designed for creatives, there’s nothing quite like it out there!

Our Creative Clients

 Kind words from the creative mouths:

Julienne Clohessy

‘Extremely happy and grateful for the way in which Hanneke helps with everything and anything, as well as tries her best to find a solution to suit my specific needs. Hanneke make's tax and accounting approachable and manageable!’

Lizette Watts

‘Hanneke has done what I thought wasn't possible, given personalised thought and attention to my unique creative business where other accountants only gave me cookie-cutter solutions which did not suite my business. She's a real people's person and cares about her clients.’

Lauren Marsh

Hanneke exceeded expectations, tackling my business needs in a very tight time frame. I can honestly say that the money spent on Digits accounting was WELL worth it, as a small business owner every cent counts, I could never have sorted out my accounting, financial reports and tax without her! I highly recommend Hanneke.

Anica Scholtz

Hanneke met all my expectations! I was urgently in need of an accountant and advisor, and she basically "saved" my business on such short notice! I pay my monthly accounting expenses with a smile, as I know it’s no longer something I have to worry about. Thank goodness! She has a way of being professional and warm hearted at the same time. I’d recommend Hanneke without any doubt.

Our Team

The Digits that you know and love has unraveled into a striking team of professionals.

We have combined the efforts of seasoned professionals to bring you a state of the art experience.


Hanneke Barlow

Founder & CEO

Liezl Laughton  Accountant

Liezl Laughton


Johan Barlow

Chief Operating Officer

Sane Pickering  Accountant

Sane Pickering


Jenni Petersen

Office Manager

Mattie Truter  Accountant

Mattie Truter